Simple or GST Invoice

Generate simple or fully compliant GST invoice in few clicks. Check Total Sale, full or partial Paid (with payment date) and Credit (with due date) invoice status on dashboard, Credit ageing and record payment in simple clicks. Tag sales as "Review" to determine sale as needed.

Credit Sale

Swiftly manage all credit sales in few clicks. Get timely notifications reminding you the payment due dates with aging. Send out payment reminders with a payment gateway link to subsequently retrieve your due payments from your clients digitally.


Record espense information like Amount and GST paid, Category & subcategory, credit purchase with vendor payment due date, upload receipts, warranty card, insurance doc, set reminder for Vendor payment due date, warranty and insurance expiry,

Subscription Sale

Create batch of customers, add or remove customers, service days, payment due dates, send payment reminders in bulk or selected few, record payment one by one or in bulk, delivery status for the week/month by SMS and many more in few clicks.

Asset Management

Record list of Assets, Photos, cost, tax paid, upload receipt, insurance doc , warranty cards, expiry reminder, generate Bar/QR code label, audit the asset periodically, check asset missing, tag it lost or add to amortised list, check Asset report, missing report etc.

Stock Management

Add the stock in few clicks, purchace date, vendor information, payment due date, history of purshace, mention minimum stock level, create re-order summary and edit, record incremental stocks, periodic stock audit, get report on consumptions and purchase etc.


Look how quickly you can setup your Digital Invoicing Tool

01. Simple / GST Invoice

Our setup wizzard will take you step by step to setup your shop, add company demography, GST info, company Logo, Invoice serial, Signature for Tax Invoice etc. Add Tax data, Items / Services and client as you require or bulk upoad.

02. Expense & Employee Advance

No setup required, record Expense on the go, while recording you can create Vendor, Employee and other information simultaniously. setup reminders for Vendor Payment date, Salary days, Warranty Expiry, Insurenace renewal etc.

03. Subscription Invoice

Create subscrition clients in batches, add or remove clients, subscription & Billing start date for prorated billing, service attendance, auto invoicing, record payment in bulk batch wise, reminder for due payment.

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